12v Electronic Flasher 3 Pin

12v Electronic Flasher 3 Pin
12v Electronic Flasher 3 Pin
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3 Pin {12 volt} Electronic flasher cans for automotive LED bulbs
Fully electronic 12v no-load flasher unit 3 Pin (10A load rated)
For 12 volt vehicles and motorcycles.
Replaces NARVA 68238.

LED bulbs draw only 80mA and therefore your indicators will flash faster due to a blown bulb warning.
There isn't enough start-up current make the mechanical relay click in a normal flasher can.
This fully electronic no load flasher unit is made for LED technology and will drive a limitless amount of LED indicator bulbs safely.
It will still run conventional globes however as it has a 10 Amp load rating

Essential to run LED indicator bulbs
Limitless connection of LED indicator bulbs being a full 10A (120w supply)
Available in 2 and 3 pin

Nominal Voltage: 12v DC
Operating Voltage Range: 10~14.4vDC
Initial Turn-on Time: Less than or equal to 50 msec.
Start Time: Less than 1.0 sec
Flash Rate: 70~110 FPM (Flash rate per minute)
Duty Cycle: 35~55% ( “on” time in one complete cycle)
Termination: 2P or 3P 0.250" (6.35mm) quick connect With a Ground Line