12v MR11 (G4 backpin) WARM WHITE 6x LED

12v MR11 (G4 backpin) WARM WHITE 6x LED
12v MR11 (G4 backpin) WARM WHITE 6x LED 12v MR11 (G4 backpin) WARM WHITE 6x LED
Product Code: 12v MR11 (G4 backpin) WARM WHITE 6x LED - #5055
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LED MR11 (G4 backpin) 6xSMD LED Warm White - #5055

Replaces this glass MR11/G4 backpin bulb in vertical fittings and applications.

G4 glass bulb
Designed to fit into small openings, this G4 backpin insert has a very low heat footprint due to its lack of a reflector cup.
For LED bulbs the reflector cup isn't required and tends to seal in the heat once we get into the larger quantity of LED.
We do stock a reflector version in the 9XSMD if you require a conventional fit....

Measure across the opening where the pins 1st come out of the socket, if you have up to 30 mm diameter you can use up to 12xSMD.
Solid-state technology with superior lumen maintenance in intensity.

Doesn't emit any UV and has superior ESD protection (electrostatic discharge)
ROHS compliant along with other standard industry certification.

Operating voltage - 8~30vDC (12vDC and properly regulated 24vDC systems)
Quantity of 5050 SMD LED - 6
Diameters - 23mm
Total Length of pins - 15mm
Thickness of circuitry - 6mm
Lumens output - 90 lm
Length of pins after circuitry - 9mm
Current control - constant current driver
Viewing angle - 120°
Colours - Cool White
Life expectancy -- 50,000 hours

What is the difference between Warm White and Cool White?

Warm White has a pleasant incandescent tone to the light whereas Cool White is a plain paper White.
The human eye naturally doesn't see Warm White quite as bright as Cool White.
In real terms of Warm White bulb has about 90% of the lumens efficiency of a Cool White unit.
The bad news ends there for Warm White bulbs.
Over the years we've seen a slow transition towards Warm White mainly due to the fact that Cool White got itself a black eye from the early LEDs going blue tinged.
In short - ladies far prefer Warm White to Cool White.
The men prefer Cool White as it is a slightly brighter work light.