About Us

About the LED Shop Australia
Based in North Queensland
Established in 2003

Where is The LED Shop Australia?

The LED Shop is situated just outside Herberton in Far North Queensland, Australia.

How long have you been in business?

Since August 2003.

What if my product doesnt work ?

It's not good when a product breaks down.
Not just for the consumer, the supplier is also affected.
If a product breaks down the consumer will at best be slightly concerned that he's had a problem with the supplier and at worst won't trade with that supplier again.
Meantime quite often the supplier has had to either refund or replace the product and the suppliers are never compensated properly by the manufacturer.
It's a lose lose situation when a product breaks down and we want to avoid it at all costs.
Since we commenced trading in 2003 we have stressed to all our manufacturers that quality is of primary importance.
We've also had some technical input into the manufacturing environment to make sure our product is better than the rest.
All our product carries a standard 12 month warranty, just get in contact with us and we'll go from there.