Delivery Information

DELIVERY  - Please note all parcels leaving LED Shop Australia premises have a tracking number, please ask for that number when enquiring about your parcel.

How long does it take for a parcel to reach me?

We usually post from here in North Queensland three times a week (Monday Wednesday and Friday) although we sometimes post every day depending on the volume and urgency.
It really does depend on when you make your order, for example if you order on a Monday night we won't post the parcel until Wednesday morning.
Express Post parcels take about 3-4 working days to states like WA and 3 days into Victoria and South Australia.
New South Wales is 2 days and Queensland parcels can be either overnight or next business day after that.

Standard post parcels can take up to a week to reach WA so if the parcel is small you're better off choosing express.
Overseas orders can take between one and two weeks, depending on the postal service in the destination country.
In the wet season (Dec - March) we are sometimes inconvenienced by flooded creeks and parcel delivery may be delayed by a day or two.

Am I covered if the parcel gets lost?

Each and every parcel is assigned a tracking number so it is really hard for a parcel to get lost, in the 10 years of being in business we've lost a couple of parcels and they've been overseas.
If your parcel doesn't show up we launch an investigation through Australia Post and dependent on the outcome we replace or refund your money. each and every parcel is assigned a tracking number, we don't send this number to you unless you asked for it
In the case where the parcel has been officially logged as delivered (and you didn't receive it) we cannot replace these parcels.
If you've elected to send via Registered Post then of course you (and us) are covered.
Of the very very few parcels that have ever been lost every one was recovered and delivered.

What do I do if it doesn't show up?

Get in touch with us and get a tracking number. We will then be able to send you the tracking number with a link.

Australian GST and overseas shipping

For Australian customers we charge 10% GST on all products with a maximum charge of $11.00 for express shipping per entire order
For international customers we use that 10% GST component to offset the extra shipping charges involved with shipping internationally.
You pay the same price as Australia for the products but we charge only $10.00 Australian per entire overseas order for first-class air mail shipping.


Ok so I have a faulty unit - what now?

Contact us and we will replace the item ASAP - just describe the nature of the failure to us. You will incur no additional postage fees for warranty replacements.Our policy is that goods can be returned for either replacement or substitution.