Terms & Conditions

LED Shop Australia's Terms & Conditions.

We've been going for 10 years now since August 2003 and we've changed our terms and conditions a few times to try and accommodate the changing market for LED.
We understand that it is a testing process for the customer and indeed it can be testing process for us with product as well.
LEDs are designed to last for many years but some of them haven't been around for that long!

There's going to be some occasions when the customer buys a product and finds it not suitable and wants to send it back.
Fair enough - but there's a couple of things to be considered.
Obviously you lose your postage but also there's the problem with unpacking the returned products, testing and repackaging them for putting back on the shelf.

For that reason we also charge 12.5% of the original product value for returning items that you wish to have refunded.
If you want to swap for something else then we won't charge you any restocking fee but we do ask that you send a stamped addressed package so that it doesn't cost us to send you the swapped goods.

How do I pay you for my order?
We accept several forms of payment for our orders -
You can either order online through our secure Westpac gateway pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express
Or you can pay through Paypal
Or you can send the funds directly to our bank account:

BANK: Westpac Atherton - North Queensland
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 171808 Will you include a tax invoice?
Yes - we are a Queensland registered business
and our ABN is 11 873 113 002 Are my credit card details secure?
Yes - our gateway is provided by Westpac and its on their secure site that you actually place your numbers.
Make sure the padlock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen is in the locked position.
Regularly check your credit card statement online and ring the bank immediately you see something which doesn't make sense. Despite the media attention given to the miniscule risks of consumers being defrauded by online merchants, it is nearly always the merchant who is the victim of Internet credit card fraud.
The incidence of fraud perpetrated by online merchants against consumers is fairly rare - how would they get away with it?
Consumers are typically only liable for the first $50 of any fraudulent transaction, and even this liability is often waived by the credit card issuers. On the other hand, credit card fraud can be important depending upon the online merchant.
We've had a lot of problems from people using stolen cards and we ourselves must be extremely cautious in dealing with the public knowing that we the merchants are liable for 100% of any loss incurred by the banks.
Significant losses are incurred by merchants - especially sellers of digitally delivered products.
For digitally delivered goods, there is no time to check out the validity of the information provided by the customer, and the e-mail identity and address may be as fraudulent as the credit card number.