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12v T15 WHITE (9.3mm) bulb using 18x3Chip LED

12v T15 WHITE (9.3mm) bulb using 18x3Chip LED
Product Code: 12v T15 WHITE (9.3mm) bulb using 18x3Chip LED - #2235
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T15 WHITE (9.3mm wedge base) #194 bulb using 18x3 layered chip LED
The T15 bulb is common to European and Japanese vehicles.
Mostly used as an automotive 194 or 168 park bulb, it has a couple of other applications.
Can be used as an internal cabin light in all 12vDC 9.3mm wedge base light fittings and also for 9.3mm wedge base masthead lights with its high lumen output from the 18x3 layered chip LED.

T15 -#194 wedge based LED bulb
Overall length - 45 mm
Blade Width - 9.3mm
Diameter on top - 15.0 mm

Current - 135mA
Power -1.91w
Colour - WHITE 7000 K.
Luminous flux - 106 lm
Warranty - 12 months





T series wedge bulbs explained:

It seems confusing, thats because it is.
T series numbering came from the diameter of the glass part of the incandescent bulb.

T20 and T25 series:

3156/3157: Replaces 25mm glass globe type
7440/7443: Replaces 20mm glass globe type
*** Both above lamps all have the (16mm) large wedge base.

T10 and T15
Both of these have the same 9.5mm small wedge base.
The T10 version is generally used in dashboards and other small recessed parts of the car.
They generally aren't used as reversing or parking lights.
The T15 version (which originally was a larger 15mm glass bulb) was a larger incandescent bulb and therefore as an LED equivalent we use the T15 LED lamp.
We enlarge the bulb's diameter & power for the T15 wedge accordinglyCode #194 comes from the GE number for T10mm glass globe lamp.
Code #906, 912, 921 ...comes from the GE number for T15mm glass globe lamp.