39mm Festoon LED bulb 12v (256,239,272) COOL WHITE

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39mm Festoon 12v DC LED COOL WHITE festoon dome light with heatsink – 220 lumens


Replaces manufacturer’s part number 239 as well as 272.
Electronic current limiting 12v DC.
Used for overhead lights, glove box lights, trunk lights & cabin lights in boats, cars, caravans etc.

Cool White has a bright white type look – wherever you want that look, such as on modern cars rather than the Classic Car ambient feel of Warm White – 3000K.


39mm Festoon 12v FEATURES 

  • Type – 39mm dome end LED festoon
  • Base type – 3910 (also known as 239 and 272)
  • Operating voltage – 12vDC
  • LED Driver – electronic constant current
  • CAN Bus – Yes
  • LED Type – Samsung 4014 LED
  • LED Quantity – 12
  • Lumens – 230
  • Viewing Angle – 180°
  • Colour – WHITE 6000k
  • Wattage – 2.5w
  • Heat Sink – Yes (this is needed due to the high combined power of the LED’s)


If you need a LED Festoon Globe in a different size:


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