LED Indicator/Reverse Bulbs

12v and 24v LED turn signal indicator bulbs available in Amber and White.

Available in:
BA15S 1156 Bayonet – WHITE and AMBER.
BAU15S Bayonet – WHITE amd AMBER
T10 (9.3mm Wedge Base) – WHITE and AMBER
3156 (14mm Wedge Base) – WHITE and AMBER

If you have AMBER lenses then choose to use AMBER LED bulbs as the light is much stronger than using WHITE.
Of course AMBER LED bulbs are suited to the new clear lenses also.

LED indicator bulbs have very little load and can cause your indicators to flash too fast.
You may need to use one of our electronic flasher cans or possibly even resistors to simulate the load of your old incandescant bulbs.

If you experience any dramas get back to us and we’ll help you through it.


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