6 volt stop tail light BAY15D RED brake tail bulb

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6 volt BAY15D RED Double Acting Brake/Tail bulb using 27 of the 5730 type SMD LED delivering 600 lumens of safe light. Half power in Tail Light mode.

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6 volt stop tail light bulb ~ Full Length (49mm) 6vDC RED Double Acting BAY15D LED Brake/Tail Light Bulb/Globe.

Steel BAY15D sockets here.


Double Acting:
Headlights off – Brake application triggers full power.
Headlights on – Tail light mode uses 50% power and goes to full power when the brake pedal is pressed.

Non-polar – can operate on negative and positive earth systems.
RED is best behind both RED and WHITE lenses.


6 volt stop tail light bulb FEATURES

  • Overall Length – 49mm
  • Overall Width – 20mm
  • LED used – Samsung 27 x 5730 LED
  • Voltage – 6vDC
  • LED Colour – RED
  • Polarity – Positive and Negative earth
  • Overvoltage Protection – YES
  • Lumens – 550
  • Power Consumption – 5.5w


Manufactory part no: 1157, 3496, 2057, 1142, 12499,12594, 380 and NARVA 47387


How does the tail/brake function work?
The bulb operates at half current in tail light mode and full power once the brake is applied.


Are automotive LED brake bulbs as bright as standard incandescent bulbs?
Our full size 27xLED bulbs equal the brightness of a standard 21w bulb, they’re more outstanding at night however than a normal incandescent which will to look orange compared to it.


Should red LED brake lights be used behind red lenses (and amber behind amber)?
Our most often asked question – Yes – Red light will travel through a Red lens without any filtering whatsoever making it very rich in colour.
White light has to travel through a RED lens and be filtered and if the originating White light wasn’t a pure White (for example incandescent bulbs with a yellow tinge) you would expect to see a distortion of the pure RED.
The richness of the RED color is particularly noticed at night – you will find that your RED LED brake lights will make the other types look orange.

Of course clear lenses look excellent on your car and our 6 volt stop tail light bulb in RED LED enables you to use them without having to use painted incandescent bulbs


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Dimensions 49 × 23 cm

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