12v T25 3157 LED bulb RED brake/tail light bulb

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This 12v 3157 LED bulb RED wedge uses 55 of the latest 2835 LED from Samsung.
50 of the LED are around the sides of the bulb to maximise reflector light spread.
A front lens is used (with 5 x LED) to fill the middle of the brake light cover.


Double Acting:
Headlights off – Brake application triggers full power.
Headlights on – Tail light mode uses 33% power and goes to full power when the brake pedal is pressed.


This is a non-Canbus bulb.
The bulb pulls 10w and this is sufficient for most bulb out warning systems.
Our double acting 3157 LED bulb RED 12vDC T25 replaces the standard 25mm glass globe type.



  • Overall Length – 42mm
  • Voltage – 12vDC
  • Canbus – YES
  • Diameter widest point – 18.5mm
  • Blade width – 16mm
  • Lumens – 500lm (for WHITE in same LED)
  • Made using quality components – chokes, I/C’s etc


Some Common Applications for the 3157 bulb:
Chrysler, GM, Ford, (Domestic Trucks and Cars) VW
Fits manufacturers part numbers 3057, 3157, 3357, 3457, 4157 P27/7W, NARVA 47534
GM OEM Part number: 12450064, 12450108, 12450182, 15233607, 15806441, 15855631, 1999367, 21994812.


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It is best to use Red bulbs behind Red lenses?
This question is asked more than any other with regard to brakelights.
Turns out that Red light passes unfiltered through a Red lens whereas White light must be filtered and therefore loses strength.
You will notice it more at night with Red LED bulbs, the colour is much much richer Red than other vehicles with incandescent bulbs.

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