7443 CK LED bulb 12v T20 RED brake / tail

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This 7443 CK LED bulb is also known as SEK, SACK or SRCK.
7443CK version T20 12v / 24v RED brake / tail LED bulb that has a steady 33% brightness tail light glow then goes to full power when the brake is applied.
Please see product photos for the difference between a Standard 7443 and the CK version.


Not that not many vehicles use the 7443CK socket.
Mainly Japanese.
It’s not often that manufacturers will use anything other than the standard configuration positive and negative terminals on each side of the bulb.
The original glass bulb will have the number printed on it 7443CK.


To know if you have a 7443CK socket or a Standard 7443 socket – either check for a listing (we can help you there) or use a multimeter.
In a standard 7443 fitting there are 4 connectors.
Looking straight at the socket you can see 2 on the left-hand side and 2 on the right-hand side.
In a standard socket the 2 contacts on the left-hand side are negative/ground and the 2 contacts on the right-hand side are positive.
In a CK fitting the 2 contacts on the top are the positive and the 2 contacts on the bottom are negative.



  • Power Consumption about 3w
  • Tail Light Mode – 33%
  • Brake Light Mode – 100%
  • Voltage – 12v
  • LED used – 18 of the 5730 type from Samsung with front lens
  • Colour – RED
  • Lumens – 370lm
  • Total Length – 41mm
  • Total Width – 19mm
  • Blade Width – 16mm
  • Type 7443CK – Double Acting RED Tail and Brake.


It is best to use Red bulbs behind Red lenses?

This question is asked more than any other with regard to brake lights.

Turns out that Red light passes unfiltered through a Red lens whereas White light must be filtered and therefore loses strength.

You will notice it more at night with Red LED bulbs, the colour is much much richer Red than other vehicles with incandescent bulbs.


This 7443 CK LED bulb gives the usual benefits over an incandescent 7443 CK bulb ~ lower wattage and therefore cooler temperature, superior vibration resistance and longer lifespan
Being red, it also shines through a red lens better and so will be a more vivid red than an incandescent bulb.


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