G4 Bulb Holder with wires for Bi Pin / Side Pin LED Bulbs

$3.30 each inc GST

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This G4 Bulb Holder MR16/MR11 socket will allow you to connect any MR16 or MR11 to a power source.

Holes in the socket allow for fixing to any hard surface.
Mica covering on the front face for insulation.


Will an MR11 or G4 fit into an MR16 socket ?

Yes they will, the legs on our MR11 and G4 units are longer and slightly thinner than the standard incandescent type.
The distance between the centre of the pins on an MR11 or G4 unit are about 1 mm smaller than the MR16 type.
This will enable you to slightly flare the pins enough on the MR11/G4 to get full contact into the MR16 socket.


We have many different G4s for you: click here for G4s to put into your G4 Bulb Holder

This includes both side pin and back pin assemblies in G4s (and also a Cool White 6000K Capsule bulb) in various colours for your needs, such as:

  • Cool White 6000K
  • Soft White 4000K
  • Warm White 3000K


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Email us or call us on (03) 7068 9150 to find out about our Concierge Service; for $55 we will help you find the specific bulbs for your car Make, Model, Year and Series.