12-24v Back Pin G4 LED Bulb NEUTRAL WHITE (4000K) 120°

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G4 LED bulb 12vDC LED MR11 (G4 backpin)12x2835SMD LED Soft White 4000k – #1973

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Our most popular colour due to its creamy soft White tone rather than the working light type rendering of the Cool White.
Soft White can also be used as a work light no problems but it also has an ambient feel.


Updated driver for 2021 – 8~40vDC allowing for wide variations.
Trimmable pin length increased to 20mm on customer request.
1 year warranty.


Designed to fit into small openings, this G4 LED bulb MR11/G4 backpin insert has a very low heat footprint due to its lack of a reflector cup.
For LED bulbs the reflector cup isn’t required and tends to seal in the heat once we get into the larger quantity of LED.


Solid-state technology with superior lumen maintenance in intensity.
Doesn’t emit any UV and has superior ESD protection (electrostatic discharge)

ROHS compliant along with other standard industry certification.

This G4 LED bulb is dimmable

It comes in Neutral White – which is in between an incandescent bulb and a fluro light in colour temperature


Neutral White G4 LED bulb FEATURES

  • Operating voltage – 8~40vDC (12vDC and 24vDC systems)
  • Quantity of 2835 SMD LED – 12
  • Lumens output – 200lm
  • Diameter – 27mm
  • Total Length of pins – 20mm
  • Thickness of circuitry – 8mm inc LED’s (to top of capacitor)
  • Length of pins after circuitry – 11mm
  • Current control – Constant Current Driver 8~40vDC
  • Viewing angle – 120°
  • Colours – Neutral White 4000k (see LED Colour Temperature Chart for more information)
  • Life expectancy — 50,000 hours
  • Dimmable – yes


SKU 1973

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