12v T5 wedge bulb WHITE 30lm

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Our T5 wedge bulb in WHITE is also known as a 286 LED bulb.

As with the rest of the LED Shop range for gauges, we often here how the instruments really are much clearer after adding our LEDs

So if you’ve got an older vehicle and you are struggling to see what speed you’re going, etc then please consider purchasing our gauge LEDs


T5 wedge bulb WHITE FEATURES

  • LED used – 3 of the 4014 type SMD LED
  • Luminous flux- 30 lumen
  • Voltage – 10~15vDC
  • Wattage used – 1w max.
  • Total Length – 19.46 mm
  • Diameter at widest point – 5.99mm (White plastic just before the LED)
  • T5 Blade width – 4.99mm
  • Beam angle – 120deg


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Email us or call us on (03) 7068 9150 to find out about our Concierge Service; for $55 we will help you find the specific bulbs for your car Make, Model, Year and Series.

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