12v/24v LED Indicator/Reverse bulbs - WHITE

WHITE automotive 12v/24vDC LED bulbs.

Tip:If you have AMBER lenses then choose to use AMBER LED bulbs as the light is much stronger than using WHITE.
AMBER LED bulbs are suited to the new clear lenses also.

Base types available in this WHITE section:
1156 BA15S 15mm bayonet – standard long version in WHITE (these type can operate at both 12 volt and 24 volt)
1156 BA15S 15mm bayonet – shorter park version in WHITE
1156 BAU15S 15mm bayonet (pins 30 degree offset) – standard long version in White – Canbus LED using Samsung chip
3156 T25 16mm wedge base in WHITE
7440 T20 16mm wedge base in WHITE
T10 9.3mm wedge base in all colours.


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