Load Resistor 6 Ohm for 21w loads

$7.70 each inc GST

Load Resistor 6 Ohm for 21 watt automotive LED indicator and brake bulbs. Used where a simulated load is required to trigger traditional mechanical flashers.

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This Load Resistor 6 Ohm will fix hyper-flashing and burnt-out bulb indications in standard 21w loads (2 Amp at 12vDC).
One load resistor is required per 21w load.
Quick wire clips included. (Check this You Tube video for installation)
Aluminium body.
Straight positive/negative connection for BA15S, 3156 and 7440 bulbs.


If buying for indicators to stop them from hyper-flashing, for example, then you need 2x resistors for the car.
One resistor SHOULD be enough for one side of the car.
You don’t need 4x resistors for one car.


For BAY15D, 3157 and 7443 brake lights – make sure your positive connection is on the positive 21w brake circuit and not the positive (5w) tail light circuit.

WARNING – This resistor is meant for sporadic use and not meant to be left on.
It’ll get real HOT if left on for some (no good) reason.


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