12v BA15S 1156 WHITE LED bulb 680lm

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BA15S (1156, P21W, 47382, Lucas GLB382) 15mm bayonet base 12 volt DC WHITE.
This bulb will produce a very bright 680 lumens.

New dedicated 24v version now here.

Standard single contact pin on the base and same height side locating pins.

Overvoltage Protection – Suitable for 12 volt DC (large range from 10v up to 30v to take spikes, surges etc)
Current surge protection using constant current drivers.
Non-polarity conscious ie. able to operate on both negative and positive earth systems.
Used as a superior replacement for a 21w incandescant automotive bulb.

VEHICLES – Recommended for 12v vehicles using White BA15S (1156) bulbs.

Overall Length – 55mm
Overall Width – 20mm
Protrusion from socket – 24mm
Voltage – 10~30vDC (not suitable for 24v operation)
LED type – 108 x Samsung 4014SMD including front lens
Colour – WHITE 6000k (see LED Colour Temperature Chart for more information)
Lumens Output – 680
Consumption – 10w total
Warranty – 12 months

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