BAY15D LED bulb 12v WARM WHITE Car/Motorcycle Brake/Tail bulb

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BAY15D LED bulb WARM WHITE Double Acting Brake/Tail Light Bulb.


These brake/tail bulbs are made WARM WHITE for classic incandescent colour reproduction.
In classic vehicles Warm White LED bulbs used in brake light situations are better than plain White.
Warm White is “redder” than Cool White – which looks more Pink behind a Red Lens


For motorbikes a Warm White Brake bulb is recommended because illumination of the number plate is required and that can’t work with a RED bulb.
These BAY15D LED bulb in Warm White are the brake globes you want as they give good light to the number plate below ~ without the harsh White dot you see when using plain White LED bulbs behind RED Brake lenses.


Double Acting:
Headlights off – Brake application triggers full power.
Headlights on – Tail light mode uses 33% power and goes to full power when the brake pedal is pressed.

This is a non-Canbus bulb.
The bulb pulls 10w and this is sufficient for most bulb out warning systems.



  • Globe Base – BAY15D (1157) Staggered side locating pins
  • Dual contact connection – 2 positives on base with negative side wall function.
  • LED Colour – Warm White (for classic/vintage cars)
  • LED used – 55 x 2835 Samsung with front lens
  • Lumens – 500
  • Voltage – 10~30vDC
  • Power Used – 10w
  • Tail light mode – 33%
  • Brake light mode – 100%
  • Length – 53mm
  • Width – 20mm


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Also known as Lucas GLB380

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Dimensions 49 × 23 cm

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