Professional UV Flashlight | Rechargeable 15w 365nM Torch

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Introducing our Professional UV Flashlight 15W 365nm: designed to unlock the hidden world using cutting-edge LED technology from Korean Viosys. This compact and powerful ultra-violet (black light) LED torch excites and fluoresces objects effectively up to 30 meters, without the visible purple light found in the 395nm UV flashlight model.

Discover the exceptional capabilities of LED Shop’s 15W 365nm UV flashlight, perfect for revealing hidden details in gemstones, and activating faint traces in fluorescent objects. The precise 365nm wavelength offers reduced interference light and enhanced detail.


UV Flashlight For Professionals

This flashlight is ideal for professionals in law enforcement or investigations, cleaning services, mining and gemstone exploration, or serious collectors and hobbyists. Crafted from high-quality aluminium alloy this Professional UV Flashlight is durable, lightweight, and built for comfortable handling. Its compact and portable design enables easy carrying and precise operation, fitting comfortably in your hand.


Rechargeable UV Torch

Powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery, your UV Torch can be conveniently charged via the built-in USB charger, eliminating the hassle of battery removal and providing ample runtime for your tasks. Whether you’re scanning documents, examining crime scenes, or searching for hidden gems, or eliminating dust or stains, you can rely on our professional UV Flashlight to deliver the necessary UV illumination.

Experience the power, reliability, and versatility that this remarkable tool has to offer.


Professional UV Flashlight Features

  • Wavelength – 365nM
  • LED used – Korean Viosys 15w 365nM
  • Distance – will excite/fluoresce up to 30m
  • Material – Aluminium Alloy
  • Size – 12cm x 2.4cm
  • Battery – 1 x Rechargeable 18650 included
  • USB Charger – Yes (incorporated into the flashlight)
  • Warranty – 12 months


UV Torch Safety Warning:

When using this UV flashlight, it is crucial to follow safety precautions. Prolonged exposure to UV light can be harmful to the eyes and skin, so always use appropriate eye protection and avoid directing the light towards people or animals.


Our UV Flashlight Range


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Aluminium alloy


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