UVC Flashlight 254nm

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Our new UVC flashlight in 254 nm for all you gem fossicking champions!

LED Shop Online is excited to share our latest UV Flashlight offering – a 5W UVC Flashlight

With wavelength specific blacklight filter – this removes undesired wavelengths of light; therefore giving a more pure 254 nm light


Whilst we have been selling longwave UV flashlights in 395nm and 365nm wavelength for a while, a recent development for us is offering these shortwave UVC flashlights


Shortwave UV is a more powerful lightwave (the shorter the wavelength means the move energy it has) and therefore where applicable will excite different items to make them fluoresce (emit visible bright light when being shined on) and where applicable, to phosphoresce (continue to emit visible bright light after being shined on)

Great for finding certain gemstones!


This is how UV (Blacklight) wavelengths usually work:

  • 230~400 nm: Optical sensors, various instrumentation
  • 240~280 nm: Disinfection, decontamination of surfaces and water (DNA absorption has a peak at 260 nm)
  • 200~400 nm: Forensic analysis, drug detection
  • 270~360 nm: Protein analysis, DNA sequencing, drug discovery
  • 280~400 nm: Medical imaging of cells
  • 300~320 nm: Light therapy in medicine
  • 300~365 nm: Curing of polymers and printer inks
  • 300~400 nm: Solid-state lighting
  • 350~370 nm: Bug zappers (flies are most attracted to light at 365 nm).


We have the UVC Flashlight available in two sizes – this is the larger one
Here is the link to the smaller one

The difference is primarily to do with increased battery size

Comes with a USB charger so you can recharge the lithium batteries

2×3.7V 26650 Rechargeable Battery

IP65 rating



Danger !

Eye damage guaranteed from careless use. Our 254 nM UV light torch LEDs are manufactured to produce light be almost invisible to the naked eye.
It is made for a specific purpose and should not be used by children or people unauthorised by you the tradesman.
Invisible UV is particularly dangerous to the human eye because it cannot detect that damage is being done.


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