BA15S LED AMBER 1156 12v CANBUS LED indicator bulb 480lm

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12v BA15S LED AMBER 1156 CANBUS indicator bulb
Rich AMBER LED colour – suitable for both AMBER and CLEAR lenses.
Uses 48 of the 2835 type LED delivering 480lm.



  • Overall Length – 42mm
  • Overall Width – 20mm
  • Protrusion from socket – 22mm
  • Base – BA15S (1156) 15mm bayonet.
  • Light output – 480 lumens
  • Power usage – 5 watts
  • LED type – 2835
  • Quantity – 48
  • Colour – AMBER


Changing over to LED indicator bulbs can be a challenge for some cars.
Bulb out warning systems can be present on brakes, reverse and indicator bulbs.
These rely on seeing a preset load passing through the connection.
In most cases it’s 21w at 12vDC.


For indicators – in traditional flasher cans (those things that make the indicators flash) they need to have that 21w passing through the connection to open and close the contacts.
So there needs to be something that either goes around that requirement for a 21w load (Electronic Flasher Cans) or something else that artificially creates a load to make that can open (Resistors).


We have both Electronic Flasher Cans and the right size Resistor (6Ohm) to overcome this problem.
Universal 3 pin Electronic Flasher Cans such as ours can be troublesome to fit at times with their wiring so get back to us we have had some experience with the different types.


This bulb is also known as – NARVA 47382, P21W, Lucas GLB382


Looking for something smaller that can fit into a bullbar? click here for our small BA15S LED AMBER globe at 360 lumens


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