HB3 (9005) LED Headlight set with Adjustable Chuck Angle – 12v/24vDC

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HB3 LED headlight set using genuine Philips Lumiled “A” Grade ZE S chipsets.
Designed for Philips X-treme Ultinon LED Headlights.
Philips certificate of authorisation available.

Normal HB3 high or low beam function.
Fanless copper LED board design using 6 x 180mm Copper belts for increased heat radiation.
360° Adjustable Chuck Angle with 15° increments.
Inbuilt EMC Canbus (Error Cancelling) function – for overcoming error signal issues.
Non-polarity conscious – will operate on negatively or positively earthed systems.
No relays, capacitors or extra wiring required.
0.1 second response time.
No RF (radio) interference.
High luminous efficacy (125lm/W)
High junction temperature(135℃)

LED type – Philips Lumiled “A” Grade ZES (Philips certificate of authorisation available)
LED quantity – 8
LED board – Copper
Heatsink – 6 x 180mm Copper Straps
Input voltage – 12v or 24v DC
Watts Used – 30~40w
Lamp body – 6063 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Protective Class – IP65
Colour Temp – 6000K +- 500k
Lumens – 4000lm
Working Temp – -40C to 105C
Working Lifetime – 30,000 Hours

Approvals and Certificates held by manufacturer – CE, ISO9001, ISO4001, ROHS, CE, Emark 8-E1-E24,

Very important you understand the legalities of using LED headlights in Australia.
Currently in some States it’s technically illegal to have LED headlights in your vehicle if the vehicle doesn’t have them fitted brand-new.

So we must state that they are for off-road use only even though our factory makes these headlights for brand-new vehicles including the Ford Ranger.
If they’re good enough for a new vehicles they should be good enough for older vehicles don’t cha reckon?

As with many regulations there isn’t any reason, it just is.
We’ve had various attempts at trying to get ADR approval but it would take an act of Parliament to create the act that would allow after market LED headlights into second-hand vehicles.
From what we know this is currently being done and we should have an Act that allows for the sale of LED headlights into second-hand vehicles within the not too distant future.
But if you do purchase these LED headlights you buy them knowing this.
Please get onto your Federal member and just ask them to add their weight.


In Australia we know about poor headlights.
The Falcons and Commodores back in the 80s had horrible headlights.
When we started back in 2003 LED headlights were just a concept and only in the last 12 months have some big leaps been made forward in lumens (light output) technology.

Changes in design to the reflector and projector lamp bodies themselves have also enabled beam angles to improve greatly.
LED headlights don’t warm up, they’re instantly on.
They draw about 50% less current than halogen bulbs yet are much brighter.
Colour temperature is 6000k – better than halogen bulbs at 4000k.
Daylight itself is around 6500 K.
Incidentally, the human eye sees colour temperatures of 4000k as artificial.
Inside the bulb – the board that the LED’s sit on is made from copper which is much cooler than other LED headlight conversions.
The copper board construction eliminates the need for a fan.

The body itself acts as a heatsink also and is made from aircraft grade aluminium to further reduce heat buildup.
IP65 means the headlight can be put into water for no more than half an hour at no more than 1 metre.
Do LED headlights work successfully with projector lamps?

Generally not, mainly because LED lamps are confined to a rather tight beam and projector lamps require a 360° viewing angle to work properly i.e. to collimate the beam down to the required tight projector lamp angle.
This results in an intense spot of too narrow light.
Projector lamps are an improvement on the reflector design.

LED headlights still have a place with reflector lamp housings however.
The beam on LED headlights are naturally tight and the colour is right.
Therefore they appear sharper and brighter in reflector headlights than standard halogen bulbs.
Although HID lamps will be brighter than LED set up against the wall the the LED will actually throw a beam slightly further than HID.
LED headlights used in reflector lamps will give less dazzle to oncoming traffic than traditional halogen bulbs.

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