BA15S Socket – 1156 Steel Socket

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BA15S Socket aka 1156 Steel Socket


Side Locating pins – Same height.
One contact pin on the base.
Two locating holes on either side of the socket to enable fixing to a flat surface.
These steel sockets have approx 5cm of connecting cable.
Suitable for BA15S 1156 series automotive/ marine/ aeronautical bulbs


Width of barrel – 15mm
Approximate height with full length standard LED bulb inserted – 60mm
Total width of base (inc barrel and loc holes) – 34mm
Locating Hole Centres – 26mm

Suitable for 1156, 47382, P21W and 382 bulb replacement.


We have many different BA15S LEDs for you: click here for many different BA15S LEDs to put into your BA15S Socket

This includes various colours such as:

  • Cool White 6000K
  • Warm White 3000K
  • Amber
  • Red


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Email us or call us on (03) 7068 9150 to find out about our Concierge Service; for $55 we will help you find the specific bulbs for your car Make, Model, Year and Series.

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