Professional UV Flashlight Black Light Torch range

What is a UV light torch?

A UV light torch, by definition, is a torch that emits UV light. And the whole point of emitting UV light is that it makes certain objects either fluoresce (glow when the light is shining on it) or even phosphoresce (remain glowing even after the light stops shining on it).

This is useful because things that aren’t seen by visible wavelength light, can finally become seen.

What can a UV flashlight show?

You will discover the unseen with our high-quality professional UV Flashlight aka Black Light Torches at The LED Shop. These compact devices reveal hidden gems, verify banknote authenticity, detect pet stains, and highlight areas for cleaning.

Ideal for hobbyists, homeowners, and professionals, our select UV flashlights offer powerful illumination from 254 nm to 365 nm to 395 nm in wavelength.
That covers shortwave UV, mediumwave UV and longwave UV lengths

Our higher end UV Flashlight models come with both a blacklight filter to give a more pure UV light, which allows for easier detection of searched for things, and a charger for the battery. This will improve your search results and keep you in the hunt for longer!


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