LED Brake Light/Tail Light Bulbs

LED Brake Tail Light Bulbs available in 12v and 24v are in stock for Australian, Japanese, US or European model cars.

Brake/Tail bulbs are Double-acting which means that at half power bulb is in ‘Tail Light mode’ and full power bulb is in ‘Brake Light’ mode.

We stock the following types of LED brake lights and brake/tail bulbs:

BA15S RED: for high mount brake lights (often seen on Japanese vehicles)

BAY15D 1157 – 15mm bayonet RED, WARM WHITE and WHITE

BAZ15D 1157 – 15mm bayonet RED) – 12vDC – Canbus using Samsung chip – locating pins 30-degree offset

T15 RED – 10mm Wedge Base) 12vDC

T25 3157 RED – 16mm wedge base – available in 12v only

T20 7443 RED – 16mm wedge base – shorter and slimmer than the 3157, suitable for Subaru – available in 12v only

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We guarantee the quality of all our products, including this 12v BA15S RED LED Tail Light Bulb (1156), which comes with a 12 Month Warranty.


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